Venture Capital Brewing Company™ is a family-owned craft-brewery located in Northern Virginia specializing in small-batch artisanal beers crafted to reduce gluten.


Stephen Michael Self – Brewer

For me, craft brewing is about breaking the rules. And craft brewers are rule breakers. I started brewing in Colorado and fell in love with the possibilities that each craft beer represents as an expression of unique ingredients, as well as a balanced whole when combined successfully. The desire to create artisanal brews with sustainable ingredients and continue the heritage of local community within the craft traditions inspires me fire up the brew kettle and explore the possibilities in each tap.  My brewing partner and I hope that you find some great craft beers to enjoy wherever you are!


Joana Gribko – Brewer

So, a systems engineer walked into a craft brewery… and the rest is history.


No, really!  Well, a bit more information to complete the story:  An engineer, who eats and drinks for flavor and loves locally sourced and sustainably produced food and beverages meets a guy who taught her how to make delicious – and gluten-less – craft beer that she loves and would stake her name and reputation on decided they had a selection of unique and artisanal beers everyone needed to try and would, therefor, fall in love with, so they made the bold decision to embark on the venture of starting a craft brewery in their neighborhood of Fairfax/Vienna/Dunn Loring, VA. Excited by the opportunity to provide an outstanding quality product – that also works for the folks who want or need to be gluten reduced – not yet found in the NoVA/DC Metro area, in an accessible location and with an approachable atmosphere not always present in the DMV, we embarked on our journey to introduce Venture Capital Brewing Company™. We are excited for you to find some of your favorite brews, and hopefully try some new and different quality offerings in our tasting room and at local vendors who carry our beers like!